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Electrical Devices and Circuit

Electronics is becoming a part and parcel of electrical systems in the industry/power system.  And hence it has become essential for an electrical diploma engineer to have fundamental understanding of the use of various electronic devices and circuits. This course therefore discusses about the…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Fndamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering equipment is widely used in mechanical/ metallurgy/mining /Auto mobile / Aeronautical engineering applications and a diploma engineer from any of these disciplines have to identify the related equipment being used in the industry with respect to their working …
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Building Planning And Drawing

Drawing is very important subject especially for civil engineers. This is also considered as a language of engineering communication. Basic and primary features of Engineering Drawing are being taught in Basic Engineering Drawing (code 3300007). At advance stage the skills of producing working draw…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Engineering Mechanics

This course is designed to subject to learns about the basic principles and laws of science to solve various problems of engineering. In this also different method to find out magnitude and direction of resultant force. Also, to study different conditions of equilibrium for various force system. In…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Applied Chemistry

  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Engineering Workshop Patrice

Workshop practice is the backbone of the real industrial environment which helps to develop and enhance relevant technical hand skills required by the technician working in the various engineering industries and workshops. This course intends to impart basic know-how of various hand tools and their…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Advance Computer Programming

This course deals with some advanced features of the ‘C’ language. The programming skills thus acquired can be used for developing programs with advance level programming features which in turn will be helping in developing practical applications for the scientific, research and business purpos…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Basic Physics

Concrete use of physical principles and analysis in various fields of engineering and technology is very prominence. The course aims to supplement the factual knowledge gained in the lecture by first hand manipulation of apparatus. This will develop scientific temper and help to apply the basic con…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Fundamental Mechanical Engineering

Necessity is the mother of invention." This sentence is applicable not only to the Geld of research but also applicable to each and every stage of life. Man had started to n various natural resources and techniques for satisfying his needs from starting of unan civilization. Development in civiliza…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL


This objective of this subject is to make the students understand the functioning MS-Office. It will also help the student to have hands on experience on various application software’s used for office automation like MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint, Offices Tools. Also, to use Hyper Text Mark…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Scripting Language(Python)

This objective of this subject is to
make the students understand the functioning
Python. It will also help the student to have hands on experience on various
application software’s used for Data Science and Data Analysis. Also, to Python
technologies for developing professional growth.

  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Applied Physics

Applied physics refers to the study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics, and engineering, particularly computer, electrical, mechanical, or civil engineering. By focusing on the scientific method, it seeks ways to apply, design, and develop new solutions in engineering. Unlike tradi…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL