Available courses

Environmental Science

With the increase in the global environmental challenges all over the world, there is certain necessity to develop an attitude to understand the makeover of problems over the environment. We will in a world in which natural resources are limited. Water, air, soil, minerals, oils, the product we get…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Solid Machanics

This subject is about the performance of deformable solids in various materials under the action of different kinds of loads. Thus the main objective of the course will be to show how to determine the stress, strain, and deflection suffered by bi-dimensional (and simple tridimensional) structural e…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Elements Of Civil Engineering

Elements of Civil Engineering About Course The role of Civil Engineering in the societal development through infrastructural development projects is gaining more importance in the recent days. All engineering students irrespective of their branch are expected to have some information about the fiel…

Basic Electrical Enginnering

In this course, we focus on industrial and commercial installations of protecting devices, we will start with the absolute basics of electrical circuits. We look at the soem fundamentals components of electrical circuits, and introduce  laws, a mathematical formula that all electrical engineer…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Element of Machinical Engineering

This course provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging introduction to the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering in a distinct and clear manner. The course is intended for a core introductory course in the area of foundations and applications of mechanical engineering, prescribed for the …
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Engineering Graphic

Engineering Graphics About Course Drawing is that the Graphical means that of expression of technical details while not the barrier of a language. Engineering Drawing is that the Universal Language for Engineers Communication in engineering is critical for effectively transferring one’s ideas to …

mathematics -II

This course covers an introduction to indefinite integration of a function of one variable which it relates with the area under the curve of that function within the span of real line then, it arrives to the definite integration which gives a value of the area under the curve bounded by two ordinat…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Basic Electronics

The explosive growth of the “Electronic” is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical electronic systems is allowing people to innovate new designs and products. In this course you will learn the importance of electronic devices such as diodes, and BJT, diode circuits, amplifie…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Engineering Physics

INTRODUCTION OF THE COURSE Prerequisite ·         Knowledge of Physics ·         Some basic concepts in Mathematics like differentiation, integration, limit, differential equation, vector calculus up to 12th science l…


In this fast paced and an ever changing industrial sector, it is vital to know the basic of workshop discipline to understand the wider prospective of plethora manufacturing technologies. The course is designed to cover all the basic understandings and principles of engineering workshop. It will he…
  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL

Communication Skill-2

confidence laced with knowledge of English grammar is essential for allengineers. This
course is designed to enhance all the four communication skills (listening,
speaking, reading, writing) of the students that also prepares them for their
future profession.

  • Teacher: ARPIT PANCHAL